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Welcome to the Scholarly Tales blog! This blog is managed by the research team within KU Leuven Libraries Artes. Here you will find different kinds of useful content geared mainly towards KU Leuven researchers at the Faculty of Arts in particular and the humanities in general.

What is on our blog?

The blog serves as an intermediary for all kinds of courses, tools, and resources related to digital scholarship. It is complementary to our Zotero community, where we are building a library of useful material within the field of digital scholarship.

News and events

We post about training opportunities, news and events in the field of digital scholarship, both inside and outside KU Leuven. We in no way have the ambition to provide an exhaustive overview, but we do want to share those events that we find valuable for the researchers at the Faculty of Arts.


There are so many interesting digital tools out there that can better your research practices. It is impossible to list them all, but whenever we encounter a tool that we find worth your interest, we will share it with you on the blog!


The Scholarly Tales also hosts a number of series where collections of posts focus around a specific theme. Below you can find a brief introduction to every series.

Digital bookshelf

As we are constantly reading up on new developments in the field of digital scholarship, we want to share with our readers some of the resources we have found inspiring. You will find us discussing academic texts but also podcasts, video’s, etc. All of these resources come from the Artes Digital Scholarship Community on Zotero, where you can find a more complete overview of all the interesting stuff we are gathering.

Researcher questions

Here you will find a collection of posts inspired by the questions that we get from researchers at the Faculty of Arts. The goal of the series is to share the advice that we give more broadly, as it might be helpful to others as well or make you consider something you had not thought about before.

Stories from the research trenches

In this series we let someone from the community showcase their work and tool use or talk about current developments in their field. We hope that this will inspire other Faculty of Arts researchers. Do get in touch if you would like to share your research journey!

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