Training: Website Building

This event is only open to KU Leuven researchers and staff.

The Artes Research team from KU Leuven Libraries Artes and the Faculty of Arts will organize a training on website building given by Hans Coppens. It will take place on Tuesday 23 January, 14h-15h30, in the collaborative working space (Agora, Leuven). Everyone is welcome to attend, but you do need to register.


This workshop provides an introduction to building websites. It is geared towards researchers who would like to build a personal academic or project website, which is typically done through the use of a Content Management System (CMS). The training will have three distinct parts:

  1. It will start with an overview of platform options, exploring the functionalities and building blocks of each. This part of the training will help researchers learn how to choose the right platform for their specific needs.
  2. Next, the training will cover the practical steps for building a website: what infrastructure is needed, and are specific technical skills necessary to get started? To gain a basic understanding of web architecture, a few key principles and important factors to keep in mind when building a website will be discussed.
  3. Finally, participants will look at a concrete example of how a website can be built starting from zero to gain inspiration for getting started on their own web platforms.


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