Training: Relational Databases – Basics

Does your (collaborative) research project involve working with a lot of data? Is your data complex and does it contain different types of entities (persons, places, events, …)? Do you have trouble keeping an overview of the amount of data you are working with? You might be interested in learning more about relational databases!

The Artes Research team from KU Leuven Libraries Artes and the Faculty of Arts will organize a training on relational databases, given by Tom Gheldof, on Thursday 30 November, 09h30-12h30, in the Colloquium (University Library, Leuven). Everyone is welcome to attend, but you do need to register.


The workshop will provide an introduction on how to model information, what a relational database is and how it works, and finally, how to get started creating your own relational database (using the Claris FileMaker environment). The workshop is designed for beginners who are looking to get started with relational databases; in April 2024, an advanced module of the relational database training will take place.

After the session, the Artes Research team is holding one of their monthly digital scholarship drop-in sessions at the Erasmushuis. You are welcome to join us there to start working on your database or to ask us any other questions related to digital scholarship.


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