Training: Research Survival Game

KU Leuven Libraries has developed a game focused on the possibilities, requirements, and best practices regarding Open Access, Research Data Management, and in the future also Information Retrieval.

The Research Survival Game follows a researcher who is stranded on a desert island and can only leave by acquiring knowledge. This knowledge is obtained by correctly answering and subsequently collecting the Q&A cards. As the players advance along the gameboard, both the spaces they land on and the Q&A cards will help familiarize them with some of the key concepts of a research project. The game is won by collecting the most cards, as this means enough skills have been obtained to properly conduct the research and the researcher is thus ready to leave the island.

  • Who can play the game? The target audience is both researchers, in any stage of their career, and research support staff. But anyone who is interested can get in touch!
  • How can I reserve the game? You can request a game session with one of our staff members via the Open Science Helpdesk.
  • How to play the game? Check out the website to find out more about the game!
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