Getting started with data visualization by Houda Lamqaddam

During her time as postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Arts, Houda Lamqaddam prepared introductory materials for data visualization. You can find them on the DH@rts website. Have fun exploring these materials!

A short description of the material by Houda herself: 

Introduction to information visualization techniques for humanistic scholarship

🔗 This series is an introduction to the fundamentals of information visualization, particularly as it concerns humanistic scholarship. The series consists of four chapters that cover the following topics: (1) Why visualize?, (2) Getting to data, (3) Choosing and creating a visualization, and (4) Do’s and don’ts of designing data visualizations.  In each chapter, we define fundamental concepts, share examples, simple tips, and additional resources for more in-depth explorations.

Tableau Tutorial

🔗 In this tutorial, we see how we can use the tool Tableau to create visualizations going from simple line charts to complex dashboards. We use a step-by-step approach, starting from uploading and formatting the data to creating linked dashboards. We also provide additional links to external resources and forums that can help you build your Tableau knowledge.

Observable notebook 

🔗 This interactive Observable notebook shows you how you can use a live notebook and Javascript code to develop simple – yet powerful – visualizations of your data. You can run each cell in the notebook, or create your own account to develop custom visualizations that best support your research needs. 


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