Training: Sharing and publishing research data (KU Leuven)

This event is only open to KU Leuven researchers and staff.

Do you want to know more about depositing, publishing, sharing, and reusing data? Learn all about data sharing best practices, what research data repositories are, and get hands-on experience with RDR, KU Leuven’s institutional research data repository. During this training session, RDM experts at KU Leuven will introduce you to the basics of data sharing and publishing and are there to answer all of your questions on how to share your data in a sustainable and effective way.

Dates and registration

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  • Data sharing introduction: Learn what a research data repository is, how to find a repository to share your data on and what to look out for when you want to share your data.
  • Metadata & documentation: ​​​​​​Find out how metadata can help make your data mor​e findable and how metadata and documentation are key elements to making your data more FAIR in the data publishing process.
  • FAIRification of software: Discover how the FAIR principles can be applied to research software and which practical techniques you can use to achieve this. Examples and code samples will be presented through KU Leuven’s institutional software management platform GitLab.
  • RDR introduction: Get to know KU Leuven’s new institutional research data repository. In RDR, you will be shown how all the previously mentioned elements of data sharing are actually put into practice in a research data repository.

Hands-on demo session RDR

During this part of the training session, researchers get the opportunity to try out a demo version of RDR where they can test the repository environment with a ready made dataset that will be provided. Our data sharing experts are there during this session to answer any questions that may come up from the previous presentations or from testing out the repository demo environment. No preparation necessary. It is advised to take a laptop with you if possible.


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