Training: RDM workshop for PhDs (KU Leuven)

This event is only open to KU Leuven researchers and staff.

If you are a PhD student and would like to learn basic RDM skills and how to write a Data Management Plan (DMP), this training is definitely for you!

In the RDM workshop for PhD students, you learn best practices for the management of research data according to the FAIR data principles. We consider the technical, legal, and ethical aspects of research data, how to securely store materials, how to generate documentation and metadata, how to share research data and reuse data shared by others, and more.

This solid grounding in basic RDM skills will help you make informed decisions on how to handle your research data, no matter what your discipline or academic field happens to be. Additionally, you will learn how to write and maintain your own Data Management Plan (DMP). This training is mainly aimed at doctoral researchers, preferably at the start of their PhD or project.

Sessions are organized per group:

Check out the RDM website for more information about the program and registration, or contact the RDM Support Desk!

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