DH@rts: New DH Website at KU Leuven Faculty of Arts

Are you wanting to stay up-to-date on all the DH-happenings at the KU Leuven Faculty of Arts? In addition to following the Scholarly Tales blog, you can also visit the Faculty’s new Digital Humanities website, DH@rts, which serves as a central portal for all the DH initiatives, support, resources, and trainings.

If you are thinking of writing a project proposal incorporating DH aspects, are in the beginning stages of a new research project and exploring potential DH applications, or are wanting to incorporate DH tools or methods into an on-going research project, you can find relevant information and contacts on this page. The helpdesk directory can guide you to the appropriate resources and support for any DH-related ideas or questions you might have.

On the training page, you can find information on all upcoming training events and also access materials from previously held trainings. In addition to trainings organized locally, you can find links here to a number of reputable sources for self-guided DH training, including the Programming Historian tutorials and the DARIAH teach platform among others.

The page devoted to research projects is a great way to become familiar with DH projects at the Faculty, but it is also an ideal place to gain inspiration for integrating DH into your own research project. Are you a researcher at KU Leuven Faculty of Arts and have a research project with a DH component? Then get in contact with Prof. Margherita Fantoli so your project can be featured on the site! By creating an online representation of the DH projects at KU Leuven, we can begin to strengthen the DH community.

Further, the events page offers an overview of interesting DH-related initiatives both at KU Leuven and beyond, including lectures, conferences, and trainings. The useful links page also takes you to other platforms with a strong DH focus including DH centers at fellow Belgian institutions.

The above is merely an overview, but do visit the website to have a look for yourself! There is a wealth of DH information and support to be found at the Faculty of Arts and beyond; hopefully the new DH@rts portal will make it easier for people to access it!

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