Journal club: ReproducibiliTea at KU Leuven looking for coordinators and participants

KU Leuven’s very own interdisciplinary ReproducibiliTea journal club is looking for coordinators and participants who want to learn from each other about what it takes to do open research. Learn more about everything from open data to preprint publishing, preregistration, and handling personal data, like in the following example:

That’s one of the most interesting things about ReproducibiliTea Leuven for me: Every time, I learn something new. For example, about the multitude of different data types that people work with or about the diverse array of issues researchers from different disciplines must consider. In one of our meetings, a colleague from movement sciences explained that they worked a lot with video data, which comes with major privacy issues; when a participant’s arm is being filmed and the participant has a tattoo, that is identifiable data. Another researcher talked about how to handle sensitive interview data from bereaved parents, and it all made me realize how crucial it is that open science practices are flexible, so they can cater to an array of potential use cases.

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