Webinar: Third Session of DH Virtual Discussion Group for ECRs in Belgium with Speaker Dr. Rudy Jos Beerens 

On Monday 13 December the third session of the DH Virtual Discussion Group for Early Career Researchers in Belgium will take place (via Zoom at 15:00-16:30 CET).  

Next Monday’s speaker is Dr. Rudy Jos Beerens from KU Leuven, whose “Under-the-Hood” presentation is titled From Archival Source to Structured Data: A Practical Introduction to Project Cornelia’s (Slow) Digital Art History. The following abstract provides an overview of Jos’s research interests and his planned talk for our discussion group:  

In this session, Rudy Jos Beerens (KU Leuven) discloses how Project Cornelia – an ongoing digital art history project led by Koenraad Brosens (www.projectcornelia.be) – translates messy archival sources into structured data suitable for computational analysis. This will be done in three parts. In the first part, Jos will briefly present Project Cornelia’s mission to come to a more inclusive understanding of early modern Flemish “art worlds.” In the second part, he will discuss how the Cornelia relational database was developed to accomplish this mission and take a closer look at how this database translates written archival records into usable and structured data. Finally, in the third part, Jos will demonstrate how the collected data can then be analyzed using existing tools such as MySQL and Gephi and the custom-build tool NAHR. 

If you would like to register for this session, you can do so by joining our mailing list. If you have already registered for our mailing list, then there is no need to register again—you are already receiving all our updates and will receive the link to join the Zoom meeting on Monday 13 December.   

If you know any Belgian early career researchers who might be interested in attending our discussion group series, please direct them to our registration page. All are welcome to attend! We strive to maintain an informal atmosphere where even those with little to no DH expertise can feel comfortable learning and participating in the discussion. We welcome those with more developed expertise as well. The sessions provide a wonderful opportunity for our Belgian DH community to come together, to network, and to learn from one another. We do hope you’ll join us!  

The series is jointly organized by Prof. Julie Birkholz (Ghent University and KBR), Prof. Margherita Fantoli (KU Leuven), and Dr. Leah Budke (KU Leuven). Questions can be addressed to leah.budke@kuleuven.be or julie.birkholz@ugent.be.  



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