Webinar: Second Session of the DH Virtual Discussion Group for ECRs in Belgium with Speaker Dr. Joren Six 

On Monday 22 November the second session of the DH Virtual Discussion Group for Early Career Researchers in Belgium will take place (via Zoom at 15:00-16:30 CET). This session follows on a successful first session of the Fall edition where we had an attendance of 27 individuals from the Belgian DH community. We are certain the next session will be as engaging and interesting as the first! 

Monday’s speaker is Dr. Joren Six from Ghent University, whose “Under-the-Hood” presentation is titled “Demystifying Deep Learning: Automatically Labeling a Corpus of Field Recordings.” The following abstract provides an overview of Joren’s research interests and his planned talk for our discussion group: 

During the last decade learning based algorithms have improved significantly. Advances in computer vision are the prime example. These advances offer tantalizing prospects also for DH research. Unfortunately it is hard to apply these techniques, even if your DH research problem falls well within the capabilities of these algorithms. In this talk the aim is to demystify these techniques and how advances in image recognition can be used in practice for automatically labeling corpora.  More concretely I will focus on an application to label short fragments of field recordings into ‘speech’ ‘solo singing’ ‘group singing’ or ‘instrumental music’. 

If you would like to register for this session, you can do so by joining our mailing list. If you have already registered for our mailing list, then there is no need to register again—you are already receiving all our updates and will receive the link to join the Zoom meeting on Monday 22 November.  

If you know any early career researchers who might be interested in attending our discussion group series, please direct them to our registration page. All are welcome to attend! We strive to maintain an informal atmosphere where even those with little to no DH expertise can feel comfortable learning and participating in the discussion. We welcome those with more developed expertise as well. The sessions provide a wonderful opportunity for our Belgian DH community to come together, to network, and to learn from one another. We do hope you’ll join us! 

The series is jointly organized by Prof. Julie Birkholz (Ghent University and KBR), Prof. Margherita Fantoli (KU Leuven), and Dr. Leah Budke (KU Leuven). Questions can be addressed to leah.budke@kuleuven.be or julie.birkholz@ugent.be


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