Short introduction to navigating Limo

Limo is the discovery service that allows you to search the entire KU Leuven Libraries collection. It is made up of an extensive collection of both printed and electronic resources. So with one search you will not only find all physical items (e.g. print books, journals, newspapers) available in KU Leuven Libraries but also scientific output from the university’s researchers, which are collected in Lirias, and a vast selection of e-resources, such as electronic books, journals, databases, and also audio-visual material.

The collection of e-resources is particularly impressive, as Limo provides access to an impressive 1,5 billion publications across the thousands of online databases it has access to and a selection of freely accessible e-resources (Open Access). A number that big might make it look like, no matter what you do, you will only ever be able to scratch the surface in your endeavor to search for the right publications. However, Limo offers a multitude of tools to make the search easier. Equipped with these you can dig deep into the vast collection of publications and, hopefully, strike gold.

This is the Limo sidebar with multiple filters that will help you refine your search.
You can find the Limo sidebar on the left, with multiple filters that will help you refine your search

When you are looking through items in Limo, there is a sidebar with multiple filters that will help you refine your search. Bear in mind, some of these filters will be more useful than others. Searching for physical items, for example, will be greatly helped by filtering on specific libraries. You can also exclude publications written in languages you don’t understand, which will surely shrink down the search results . If you are looking for a specific type of resource, like audio fragments or conference proceedings, there is a filter for that as well. Less useful would be filtering on topic, as it is sometimes unclear how these topics are assigned and this could make your search results misleading. In addition to these examples there are many other filters that will help you refine your search. Test them out and see which ones work best for you! Once you have found the perfect search, you can save it and turn on notifications for it so you always know when new publications match this search.

Screenshot of saved search for the term 'embodiment'.
Saved search for the seach term ’embodiment’

You can also save specific publications in your ‘saved items’ overview. However, for collecting and organizing bibliographic data it is best to use a reference manager such as the free and open source software Zotero. Keep an eye out for the upcoming posts of Nele Noppe about Zotero to learn more about the functionalities of reference managers.

Sometimes your search will not yield any results, but that does not mean it ends there. Of the thousands of databases you can sift through in Limo, you have full-text access to about 900 of them. Limo will generally only show you these results. In order to see all possible results, regardless of whether or not you have online access, there is also a filter for that. In “tweak my searches”, the first option is “More results without online access”. After all, no online access doesn’t mean no access at all. For starters, you can search for the journal title and see if the volume where the article you are looking for appears in is available at one of KU Leuven Libraries physical locations, or through the interlibrary loan service.  Additionally, all items in Limo have a DOI number, which can help you to look for the publications in other search engines.

If you need help with how to properly use Limo feel free to contact your subject specialist!

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