Interview: Professor Martin Kohlrausch about the KU Leuven Fund for Fair Open Access

In order to boost Open Access publications, the KU Leuven Fund for Fair Open Access helps finance OA books published by Leuven University Press. Professor Martin Kohlrausch shares his experiences about publishing his book in OA.

Your book is published open access thanks to the support of the KU Leuven Fund for Fair Open Access. How did the open access publication process go? What makes open access so attractive for you/your book? Have you thus far noticed that your book reaches a wider audience?

There were mainly two reasons why I decided to go for open access. First, I expected that with open access my book could reach a much broader audience than a print edition and, as its theme, ‘modernity’ is global, also a global audience. Second, I was hoping for a quick ‘absorption’ of the book. Judging from the very high download numbers my expectations have been outmatched. Moreover, these numbers provide me as the author with quite telling insights into where the book is downloaded (and hopefully read). I still believe it is important, however to also have a print edition and to be able to communicate the results of my research the ‘classic’ way.

Continue reading at the ‘Author’s Corner’ of Leuven University Press: Martin Kohlrausch | Brokers of Modernity. East Central Europe and the Rise of Modernist Architects, 1910-1950


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