Event: Digital Approaches to Early Modern History

Starting Tuesday 9 February 2021, there will be a monthly series of interesting symposia hosted by the Centre for Early Modern Studies at the University of Limerick. While specifically organized under the guise of Early Modern History, these virtual events will be useful for people across a wide range of skill levels and periods of specialization.

To give some context, the four sessions will cover network analysis, text analysis, databases, and geographic information systems (more commonly called GIS), respectively. Obviously, while those topics are useful specifically to historians, they can also be relevant to people studying literature, or urban development, or indeed someone who is studying protest movements. So I would urge the DH Master’s students of KU Leuven and anyone else interested in these topics to register for these events!

The seminars will be held in English and include a range of scholars and library staff from Ireland, England, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Switzerland. Click on the link here for more information from the University of Limerick about how to register!

Source: The Digital Humanities Commons blog: Upcoming Event: Digital Approaches to Early Modern History
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