Interview: Why Open Science? There can be no public trust in scholarship without openness

Mathematical engineer Joos Vandewalle, emeritus professor at the Faculty of Engineering Science (ESAT-STADIUS), is the very first Open Science ambassador at KU Leuven. Katrien Bollen, from KU Leuven’s Press Office and Policy Communications, interviewed Prof. Vandewalle about his views on Open Science.

The general public needs to trust scientists, and that requires openness. “In fact, without public trust, science loses much of its value. The corona crisis is a good example of this, but the same goes for research into, say, climate change, circular economy, or societal challenges such as the Sustainable Development Goals. In all these cases, scientists have to formulate independent recommendations based on scientific evidence.” But these recommendations will only be taken into account when there is trust.

Continue reading at the Open Science website: KU Leuven continues along the Open Science path


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